Welcome to my corner of the world

I’ve decided to move my blog (well, redo it) over here at Word Press.  I didn’t have any readers at the old one really, so this is like a new start.  I really don’t like Blogger, hence the true reason for the move.

This blog is designed to serve as an oasis of rational thinking, somewhat like the tag line to Richard Dawkin’s wonderful website.  On this site I will discuss computers, science, politics, and religion.  To start off, I am openly atheist; I believe in no gods, no powers, no fate, and no destiny.  I am currently completing my dissertation for my PhD in Information Systems Management.  I am an independent consultant, specializing in software development, enterprise systems, and even some website work.  I have about 15 years in the industry and have been a network engineer, software developer, database admin, systems admin, just about anything in the world of IT.

I also have a very scientific mind; during my comprehensive exams, I was asked to write a research paper on quantitative methodologies, ala the scientific method.  Needless to say, I aced my comps.  I believe in only one thing: the universe obeys a set of laws.  And as a corollary to that statement, I believe that we can understand those laws.  And when I use the word “believe”, I mean “accept based upon previous empirical evidence.”  So let’s not mince words, shall we?  No evidence, no belief (acceptance) from me; period; end of story; move along; not the droids you’re looking for.

Here at my blog, I’ll discuss anything that I find interesting.  I have a wife of 6 years and a 3 year old son, so you may see posts about them.  I also have three dogs, a cat, and some fish (saltwater and tropical).  Occasionally I may chat in the comments, but not too often, esp. if you’re an ignorant fundie or anti-science maroon.  Well, until I get this dissertation finished, defended, and published.  Then I may chat more often.


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5 Responses to “Welcome to my corner of the world”

  1. CDMickel Says:

    That’s all pretty cool, but I already knew all of this about you. Of course I’ve known you for over a decade. Keep me posted as you updated you blog.


  2. KD Peters Says:

    Have you seen this?

    I hadn’t, until I saw it mentioned in the eSkeptic newsletter today.

  3. farslayer9 Says:

    I had never heard of this group before, but by Dog, I’m joining immediately, as soon as I can figure out how the hell to do it. Their site sucks pretty bad, so I may go ahead and offer to fix it for them.

    Of course, I will require sustenance while I do this; a small child will suffice.

  4. KD Peters Says:

    That would be extremely cool of you, small child happy meal and all. I mean, intelligence. In Elkins.

  5. farslayer9 Says:

    Yeah, really. I’m a bit skeptical at the moment as I assumed that all intelligence in Elkins was artificial.

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