Dirty word list has parents outraged

So apparently a school decided to have a talk with the kids there about dirty words; they used a list of dirty words as examples.  Naturally, parents were a bit upset.  I’m honestly not too sure about this.  On a college level, these types of discussions can occur with adults who won’t snicker when someone says something naughty.  But high school kids…not so much.  Good idea I think, but poorly executed; the list may have been a bit much.

Video link to CNN.

By the way, to the mom at the end, the slang term would be “blowjob.”  And since your son is likely going to be trying to get one as often as he can, you should discuss whether it is appropriate to hold the girl’s head down during the finishing scene or whether it is more appropriate to ask her to stay there til the end.  I guess it’s always easier to ask forgiveness than permission, but remember she probably has teeth.


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