Sony PRS-505 Portable Reader System

Ok, I’m not usually someone to whore a product, but I have to tell you, the Sony PRS-505 is fucking awesome!  You can get one for about $280 at (no link on there on purpose).  This thing lets you read PDF, Word, Rich Text, like any format while you’re on the go; plus, the screen is just like looking at off-white paper (screen could be bigger, but hey, there’s a zoom feature).  I typically keep all of my books on my PRS in PDF format; make sure you OCR your PDFs (you’ll need something like Adobe Standard or Pro to do this, I have Pro) so that the zoom will work.

The thing came with a 210MB internal hard drive, but you can put in up to a 2GB SD card (what I have now) and additionally an 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo (too pricey for me).  Plus, I’ve put audio books on it (MP3s) and use headphones to let the damn thing read to me!  I’ve got A Brief History of Time on there now (all 5 1/2 hours of it) and I listened to about 2 1/2 hours yesterday on my trip up to Morgantown, WV.

Even better, I’ve learned the XML format that it uses, so I can create my own management tool for it (I don’t like Sony’s software…at all…).  You can easily drag and drop books and audio onto it; it plugs in via USB and shows up as three removable drives (internal HDD, SD, and ProStick).  Just learn the file structure and copy away.

So if you’re an avid reader, please consider buying one of these things.  You just can’t go wrong.

Oh, and if you comment, tell me what reader you use (if you use one).  Kindle was a no-go for me and I don’t want to wirelessly buy books.


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