Obama and the presidential race

On November 4th of this year, history was made.  In what can only be called a landslide, Barack Obama won the presidency of the United State of America.  For eight long years, this country has suffered from the hands of right-wing fundamentalist boobs who care only about corporate profits and don’t give a damn about the broken backs of workers who make those profits possible.  Science had been derailed time and again in favor of ideology and preconceived assertions of reality; remember the polar bears.  The economy has crumbled, fueled heavily from bad loans given to people who simply couldn’t afford them; given by lenders who simply sold the loan upstream to another bank, took their profits, and hauled ass.  Enough was enough.

And yet what I read time and again centers around the fact that Barack Obama is half black.  They just.  Don’t.  Get.  It.

There are certain ideals that, as a society, we need to strive to achieve; equality is by far, in my humble opinion, the greatest.  The concept that everyone, and I mean everyone, is equal in all respects to any other human being is what we need in place now.  The idea that trivial factors such as race, gender, sexual orientation, physical handicap, etc simply don’t matter has profound implications for society in general.  It leads us down the path to govern by reason, not by triviality.  Gay marriage is again in the news, notably California’s Proposition 8, passed with the support of the Mormons, which of course bans sam-sex marriage.  In other words, fags aren’t equal, not to me anyway.  So let’s give them civil unions..maybe.

Let’s go back to the sixties, shall we?  How many reels of film have you seen of blacks being beaten for trying to go to school, or for simply demanding the right to vote (women, take heed here as well).  Maybe it would be better to let them have their own schools.  I mean afterall, niggers aren’t equal to me.

How about the rule of thumb and acceptable domestic violence against women?  I mean afterall, women should know their place; they are subordinate to men.  So, we’ll let them maybe work a job here or there, but nothing important like an executive, maybe a school marm?  Afterall, those bitches aren’t equal to me.

Separate but equal.

Didn’t work too well though, did it?  Women fought for their right to vote, they fought for equality in the workplace.  Domestic violence laws say you can’t just beat on her anymore, you actually have to treat her as *gasp* an equal human being.

When schools refused to implement desegregation, the National Guard forced it.  Blacks had fought for equal, civil rights, had marched and protested; people gave their lives for an idea.  The idea that they were equal.

Now gays fight for basic civil rights.  In Florida this week, a ruling was made stating that gay couples can adopt children.  The AMA among other groups even stated that research shows that there is no negative affect on children who are raised by same-sex couples.  Imagine, those queers being given equal opportunity to raise children.  The ruling is being contested by religious groups.

We’ve come a long way, and we have a long way to go.  The first step is in recognizing what really happened on November 4th, 2008.

People didn’t go to polls to vote in a black man, to try and make history.  People didn’t give him a pat on the shoulder and say “Good job, boy.”  People saw a possible  end to eight years of tyranny with the use of their most sacred, fundamental, and powerful right: their right to vote.  The right that was denied to others in just recent times.  The right that people had protested for, fought for, and died for.  The right to decide.  Voters wanted change.

On November 4th, race didn’t matter; race had become irrelevant, trivial.  Obama was my equal.


5 Responses to “Obama and the presidential race”

  1. pharynguphat Says:

    THis is a place where a lone loon can use the word “FUCK” to his heart’s content.

    How special.

    • farslayer9 Says:

      I’m sorry, did you have something particular to say or are you just a fucking moron, as indicated by your Pharyngula presence?

  2. monado Says:

    You know that was the basis of the Albigensian or Kathar heresy, don’t you? The Kathars believed in reincarnation, and that a lowly person was likely to be reborn as a lordly one, or a man as a woman. Therefore, they believed in equality and equal courtesy for all, since you didn’t know who you might be next. That, of course, outraged the privilege-based, hierarchical Catholic church. It took the church almost 100 years to wipe them out, ending with a 20-year campaign that they had to chivvy some of their noble church members into joining. The Kathars tended to be good neighbours, so they were well tolerated among regular Catholics. And that proved, in the end, to be fatal for some Catholics.

    Remember that famous motto attributed to the U.S. Marines: “Kill them all, let God sort them out.” It’s actually a quote from a bishop who gave the order to massacre an entire town full of people. Perhaps 10% of them were Kathars. Pretty soon there were no more Kathars who dared to admit it and teach their beliefs. Evolution in action: the strongest wipes out the weakest. Original quote: “Kill them all: God (Christ?) will know his own.”

    (This must be where “Katharine” comes from.)

  3. Richard Wolford Says:

    Actually I was aware of the belief of reincarnation into a higher caste, but wasn’t really aware of much more than that. I never really was a history buff, mostly because of terribly horrid teachers in high school and my transfer into computer science and such in college.

    But, this isn’t evolution in action. Evolution isn’t the survival of the most fit, it is the generally higher survival of organisms which are more fit, but the relatively less fit organisms don’t actually die out, they simply move into other niches (of course there’s a lot of death of the ones that don’t adapt well). Good example would be Tiktaalik, who was able to explore land, but did not lead to the extinction of fish but rather to the evolution of amphibians. That whole “kill them all and let god sort them out” always bothered me.

    BTW, thanks for commenting, I don’t get many around here!

  4. monado Says:

    I think the Cathars’ belief was that the next life could be anything, higher or lower, so it behooved one to be kind and fair to all.

    There’s biological evolution and then there’s cultural (or market) evolution. There’s both positive and negative cultural competition. Having a more popular practice or product attracts people’s time and energy (or money) Removing adherents of the other practice or product is the negative approach.

    As Robert Heinlein said, there are no city fathers of Carthage since Rome destroyed it and slaughtered the population and salted their fields. That was pretty definitive.

    I like it but time is limited.

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