Vaccinations and You

Let’s get something straight, very quickly: vaccinations save lives.  Diseases responsible for the deaths of millions of people have all but become eradicated through vaccinations.  Polio, a disease which will likely kill you (if you do survive, you’re guaranteed to be disfigured), is already known to your immune system; this bacterial assassin is simply not able to even make you sick.

Unfortunately, stupid people such as Jenny “look at my titties” McCarthy and Jim “I was the white guy on In Living Color” Carey have big mouths, out of which poor nothing but ignorance and outright stupidity.  They are convinced that vaccines cause autism.  This has been debunked, of course, but why let a little thing such as evidence get in the way of your pet causes, right?

In a beautiful take down, Dr. David Gorski has illustrated the history of the movement and shows why it is wrong.  I recommend that you read this, memorize it, and then verbally berate any tool who refuses vaccinations for their kids.

My son is vaccinated and the one on the way will also be vaccinated.  Surprise surprise, my son is not autistic; a pain in the ass, but not autistic.


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