Canadian Post Office Sucks

Canada may have awesome ballet, but their post office is horrendous.  I ordered a PS2 boot disc from a company in Canada; the disc is called HD Advance and it allows you to boot up your PS2 and copy your game discs to an internal hard drive for faster play and no more disc swapping.  Of course Sony is all pissy about it, but screw them; my RE4 disc looks pretty bad, so I had to back the thing up or buy a new copy.  So anyway, the post office in Canada gets the city wrong on the package, but the zip code is correct.  My local post office, full of geniuses, hold the package for a week and then ship it back to Canada.

Ok, I’ll be fair, the USPS sucks shit as well.

So I call the Canadian Post Office and what do they tell me?  Well, nothing, since I wasn’t the sender.  So now my package is apparently back in Manitoba and the company wants to bill me $20 for return service.

Actually, everybody sucks right now.  I may just bite the bullet and buy a damn mod chip and create copies of my games from ISO files.  I haven’t soldered in like 20 years.  There are a few that don’t need soldering, and my requirements are actually pretty lax (only need to play backup discs), so maybe one of those will work.

Canada.  Somebody started a country and no one showed up.


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