Christians are funny people

A while back, the Institute of Creation Research (ICR) petitioned Texas to obtain a certificate of authority; basically, they want Texas to okay the ICR to issue Master of Science degrees. That’s right folks, science degrees from people who believe the earth is about 6K years old and that all animals at one time were within walking distance of Noah’s house. Yeah…those guys.

Suffice to say, Texas shot this down unanimously; you can’t get a science degree if you’re not doing science. Seriously, pick up a copy of the Christian Science Monitor and enjoy the lulz. You won’t find methods or data, just a bunch of utter tripe. So it makes sense that if you don’t do science, you can’t give out science degrees.

But not so fast! These are the poor persecuted (76% majority) Christians! Why, it’s that evil, dogmatic institution of scientists keeping them down! So the only logical response is to SUE! Yeah, they’re going to sue to get their little pretty sticker on their “degrees” in science.

But fucking A, it gets better! The complaint was apparently written by an ICR member by the name of James Johnson, who apparently is not a lawyer (at least not a good one).

Andrew, a Harvard graduate attorney, has performed an epic take down of their nonsensical complaint. It’s beautiful beyond words.


One Response to “Christians are funny people”

  1. Charles Hawk Says:

    Wow, lmao.

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