HD Advance – an update

I’ve been having a blast lately with the HD Advance software for PS2; it’s pretty easy to use, just loaded up a 160GB Maxtor drive in the PS2 and booted the HD Advance disc into server mode.  From there, I used the HD_DUMB program to send ISO files over to the PS2 via the network.  Now one problem: the network speed is always less than 1Mbps.  Anyone out there have any idea why this would be the case?  The LAN is 1Gbps, the cable/switch test just fine, and all other devices are unaffected.  I can’t seem to find too much information on the intertoobs about this.  Oh, and does anyone know how to change the IP used by HD Advance?  I don’t use a scheme but rather I use multiple subnets of the kind.

Oh, and Guitar Hero Metallica rocks, even better when run from the hard disk.


2 Responses to “HD Advance – an update”

  1. Sautebroussailles Says:


    Well I tend to think that the 1Mb speed would be a genuine hardware limitation, for I have the same result here on my 1 Gb lan.
    Unfortunately I, too, would like to modify the IP stack default values as my ip number attribution scheme here is also different.

    In fact I can’t help you much as it seems we’ve got the same issues.

    In the other hand the fact that you mention Guitar Hero WT – Metallica working well on your HD is a relief for me, because I riped my version on my HD too, but a few songs seems not to have music at all!
    But if it works well for you, then it just means that I did a crapy rip.
    I’ll just have to do it again.

    btw, I also bought the drumkit. It’s kick ass!!

  2. farslayer9 Says:

    It’s good to know that I’m not the only one having the problems with network speed. I have a sneaking suspicion that it has to do with the rate at which the software can write to the drive, but I’ve not bothered to research it.

    Guitar Hero Metallica does lock up on me occasionally, but I think that the best solution would be to enable slow hard drive access. Some games are written in a way that takes advantage of or accommodates the relative slow access time of DVD drives, so it could simply be an issue where the access is too fast; I had to adjust several games this way before they would work (Iron Man was one). I figure if you had a bad rip that you would get other problems too. I use image burn to make the copies (http://imageburn.com); works very well and is free.

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