Attack of the WATBs!

Well, first I get a book whore on my site trying to peddle her bullshit, then I get another wanker telling me all about how diet cured his symptoms!


Seriously, these idiots come to my blog and cite anecdotes over evidence, then get all pissy when I just, you know, ask for the evidence. AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I CAN HAZ EVUDENSE NAO? KTHXBAI!

One of the great things of having the education to understand research is knowing when I’m being bullshitted. This whole diet-fixes-AS fad is absolute bullshit; the only “study” ever produced has been refuted by way of subsequent studies (with proper controls) not reproducing the original results. This is very simple logic; argumentum ad nauseam, or the concept has been discussed over and over and over and over again. Until there is a study showing even a correlation between diet and the alleviation of AS symptoms, I’m not buying.

Oh, and if a study DOES show correlation, it’s still not proof; cum hoc ergo propter hoc, or correlation does not equal causation. The causes of AS are still not understood; there is a strong CORRELATION between autoimmune conditions and the presence of the HLA-B27 antigen, but there is no CAUSATION. Of all of the people on the planet with HLA-B27, 1.8% of them will develop AS. Google Venn Diagram if you still don’t get it.

So all you whiny little babies, kindly fuck off. Come back with evidence or go the fuck away. I don’t want testimonials; what I would like to see is a nice little study with proper controls so that we can see who followed the diet and DIDN’T feel better. Oh, and I’d like to see the definitions of “feeling better”.

If I just wanted to base a cure on feeling better, morphine would be the universal prescription.


3 Responses to “Attack of the WATBs!”

  1. monado Says:

    … evidence, preferably with a suggested mechanism.

    I like “argumentum ad nauseam.”

  2. monado Says:

    Someone, Shaw or Russell, said that “Religion is a comfort” was no better recommendation than “Drinking makes people happy.” (I’m paraphrasing.)

  3. farslayer9 Says:

    Welcome back Monado, I agree completely. Just because it is comforting doesn’t mean it is either true or useful. I actually did more research and found that there is indeed an anti-inflamatory diet, but that the book’s notion that eliminating wheat gluten will fix AS has been readily debunked by researchers. In fact, the diet I read was really just a call to maintain a well-balanced diet so as not to cause other problems which result from a poor diet. So, science 1, crappy authors 0.

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