Big bank, cool job

As my friends all know, I was hired back in March of this year by a major banking company as an application systems engineer.  I was assigned as technical lead on the largest agency management system in the entire organization.  I have managed to not only hang with the best, I’ve educated quite a few people regarding methods and procedures, so much so that our vendor who writes this agency management software apparently fears me.  They bought out my contract at 3 months and put me in as an application systems engineer level 6; this is the highest level in the entire corporation.  I literally outrank people who have been with this company for years; everyone working on the application report to me either directly or indirectly.  The current plan is to promote me to application manager next year.  This is a good feeling.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a job where I literally loved going to work.  I’m working on huge projects simultaneously.  Our tech lead over the reporting application and reports left.  So what did they do?  They hired a new report writer based on my interviews of candidates and my recommendation, and they put me in charge of the reports.  We have several interface applications, five actually, and I’m in charge of those as well.  We’re relocating our entire data center on the 20th; guess who wrote the majority of the game plan for the 20th and the days before:  me.  I’ve been given a ton of responsibility and I’ve hung right in there.  Projects are on time, requirements are met, work is delegated, and I keep everyone up to date on the projects.

Sometimes when you work for shitty companies (like my last job), idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about can really undermine your self confidence, typically Kruger-Dunning syndrome.  Hanging in here with the best of the best, and having your boss’ boss’ boss tell you that you are greatly appreciated and that they are so glad you are part of the team can make a huge difference.  I worked for 19 hours straight a month ago on a problem until it was fixed.  I identified what was wrong, I identified how to fix it, and I oversaw it get done.  And I got a thank you card hand-signed by my boss’ boss’ boss along with a $50 gift card; I used it to buy supplemental lighting for my aquarium.

I’m appreciated here.  People work together.  I have no plans of leaving, because I love solving puzzles, I love taking ideas and turning them into solutions, and I love fixing things that are broken, even when I’m told it’s beyond repair.  I do my best work when I’m under the gun, when people don’t believe in what I can do.  Because I get to prove them wrong.

This job rocks.  Fuck my old job, it was nothing but a joke.  A crappy program for people who didn’t even give a shit about it.  An idiot who’s now CEO, who thinks the entire world should be so into gadgets as he is, an idiot who doesn’t understand how to cater to an audience.  They’re done for.  I hate it for the people who still work there who I found to be great people, they truly deserve better.


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