XBox Classic Modding

So over the weekend I opted to upgrade my XBox classic, previously softmoded using the MechAssault hack, to an 80GB hard drive (yeah, biggest IDE I had laying around). I’ll have to say that using the XBox HDM utility it was pretty much a snap. I ran a backup using the UnleashX dashboard, then copied the backups of the C and E drives out to my PC using FTP, then copied the eeprom.bin file over. With the XBox HDM utility, you copy the C and E backups to folders in a linux subfolder, copy the eeprom.bin file to an eeprom folder, then run a batch file to create a bootable ISO. Neato. So I burned the ISO to a CD-R, but turns out the computer I tried to boot it in had an issue with Linux. But as you can probably guess, I had another PC laying around with IDE ports, and it worked like a charm. I put the new hard drive into my XBox and it came right up…with the MS Dash!!!!

So easy fix? I removed the softmodding with the UnleashX dashboard, rebooted and remodded with MechAssault. Last night I copied backups of Stubbs the Zombie and KotOR 2 to the hard drive, both ran flawlessly. DVD+R discs still aren’t working tho, but it may be the HP brand that I’m using, I’ll give it one more shot with Verbatim, and if it doesn’t work no biggie, I’ll just us xISO to transfer games to the XBox for me over the wire.

I plan to hack the 360 tonight, I would have done it over the weekend but I opted to run two more cable runs from my server closet to the switch. I added an Intel 1Gbps dual port NIC to my server, and turns out the onboard NIC is also Intel, so the ProSet software teamed all three of them together for load balancing, so my server sees a single 3Gbps connection. So I hooked up those extra runs to get all three NICs back to the switch, worked great.


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