About the Author

I am a senior DevOps Systems Engineer for a large cloud/hybrid hosting company with over 20 years of experience.  I have served as a network administrator, network engineer, software developers, systems administrator, and formerly a level 6 application systems engineer for a major bank.  I earned my AS in Computer Science from West Virginia State University, my BS in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix, my MS in Information Technology, specialization in software engineering, from Capella University, and my PhD in Organizational Management and Leadership, specialization in Information Systems Management.  I also hold several industry certifications including the MCSE (2000 and 2003), MCSE Security (2000, 2003), MCSE Messaging (2000, 2003 for Exchange 2003), MCDBA for MSSQL 2000, and MCSD.NET.

My interests include all things science, especially evolutionary biology, physics, astronomy, and, of course, computers.  I am also an openly vocal atheist, accepting no gods or masters.  I am a vocal opponent of any and all peddlers of woo and anti-scientific nonsense, most notably the bullshit put forward by the religious.

My blog is a place where I can talk about whatever I choose, whether it is about computers, MIS, or simply to comment on some nonsense I’ve read in the news.


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