Comment Policy

This is an initial policy page on comments made on the blog.  Naturally anything that Word Press requires is in effect, but here are a few of my own rules.

First and foremost, be nice.  Rude, pushy, hateful people will not be tolerated here.  I expect everyone to be polite.  Different points of view are welcome here.

Swearing is allowed and greatly encouraged.  See George Carlin for a list of seven words I highly recommend.

Racist/homophobic/bigoted/misogynistic/ableist and other such types of language is not allowed here.  It is fine to talk about these things, but using them to hurl insults will not be tolerated.  If you call someone a “n*gger”, you’ll be banned immediately.  If you discuss the origins of the word “n*gger”, and it is on topic, then you’re doing just fine.

Stay on topic.  Please don’t lead threads in directions they were not meant to travel.  If I post about the Von Neumann bottleneck, don’t go off and tell me about how much better your Mac is.

Ridicule is going to be a very common theme at this site, so grow a very thick skin.  I will not allow individuals to attack or berate other individuals, but any idea that is put forth is readily open for ridicule.  In other words, I won’t allow someone to call YOU an idiot, but it is fine to call your IDEAS idiotic.

If you comment here, and engage in debate, you need to properly respond in a dialog-like manner; repeating yourself over and over again and not responding to direct inquiry will get you banned.  This tactic seems to be very common with fundies and supporters of pseudoscience.  For example, if you say evolutionary theory is flawed, and someone asks you for an example, you need to provide an example.  If you simply reassert that evolutionary theory is flawed, you will be banned.  Saying something over and over again will not make it true.

I reserve the right to ban anyone who violates these rules.  It’s unfortunate that it has to be done at times.  I’m not a person who will ban someone for an inadvertent violation, but rather I’ll ban repeat offenders.  Just play nice, ok?  I want great minds on this blog, and great minds, according to Eleanor Roosevelt, discuss ideas, not people.


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